Welcome to the Machinery Repair Shop Web Site.

Image of Cincinnati Number 3 Mill

Photo of a Cincinnati Number 3 Mill that is out in the warehouse. We have mechanically repaired this mill, and it is in very good working order.

Consisting of 4 people, We are the repair and maintenance shop for a large Machinery dealer in the Midwest. Our work involves repairing, restoring, rescuing and rehabilitating all types of machinery. In a large part, we do this for company acquired machinery that is then offered for resale. However, we also offer our services for outside owned equipment as well as supporting the equipment our company sells once it is in the hands of the customer.

We are daily involved with all types of machinery, of all sizes, ages and capacities. Machine tools, industrial and fabrication equipment, CNC Machines, and of course, all the support equipment that goes with it – testing & diagnostic, air compressors, generators, even the occasional forklift. And, while our favorites may be the “true” machine tools – mills, lathes, grinders – oh my, we very much enjoy the diversity involved in our daily routine.

Our intent here is to share information about the many machines we come across every day. From photos and descriptions of machinery we come across in our gallery (see sidebar), to how to articles and videos, commentary and DIY assistance.

We hope you enjoy our website. We plan to be adding content on a very regular basis, so check us out often!

The Machinery Repair Shop.